Cinnamon Sedge Slippers of STEP UP CORP. are interviewed by HTV

The booth of cinnamon sedge slippers of STEP UP was filmed by HTV at the Opening of the Consumer Fair by Investment and Trade Promotion Center HCM held May 11 - 15. In addition, HTV also had interviewed Ms. Thanh Thuy - Director of STEP UP Company regards of the core competencies of the business and the Vision of the business in the near future.

In an interview, Ms. Thanh Thuy said the core competencies of company that is producing high quality products. Besides that, we also focused on designing beautiful, consistent with modern fashion trends. The our upcoming orientation that we are expanding to export our products to the Southeast Asia, Asia and Europe markets. We expect that cinnamon sedge slippers - the Vietnamese traditional product will be the friends of the world known in near future.


Company Information

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